Here's what the following Major League Players who played under Coach Kemnitz had to say about him:

•Darren Dreifort - Former Los Angeles Dodger-"Coach Kemnitz is bar none the best pitching coach I've ever had at covering all angles of the mental aspects of pitching.  This is a great device for molding minds in the game of baseball as well as the game of life."

•Braden Looper - Former Pitcher, St. Louis Cardinals -"I started attending Coach Kemnitz's pitching camps at the age of 15.  I fell in love with his style of coaching and was thrilled to get the opportunity to pitch at Wichita State.  After 11 years in the
big leagues, I continue to implement his techniques. "

•Charlie O'Brien - Former MLB Catcher-"This CD is a must for anyone serious about baseball.  It is simple enough to benefit a young pitcher or player and complex enough for a Big Leaguer.  If you have a desire to improve your mental side of the game, this is the perfect tool for any player or coach." 

•Mike Pelfrey- Former Pitcher, Detroit Tigers, Minnesota Twins, & NY Mets-"This is a direct product of everything I learned from the best pitching coach in the country, Brent Kemnitz;  Now I feel like I can mentally go out and beat anyone.

•Nate Robertson - Former Pitcher, Detroit Tigers-"When making my decision on what program I wanted to be a part of, I chose Wichita State on the basis that Brent Kemnitz was going to be my pitching coach.  His knowledge of pitching and ability to communicate his message were second to none.  This CD says it all."

•Eric Wedge - Former MLB Manager-"Vintage Brent Kemnitz; Great motivation, powerful, insightful, humorous.  A must for anyone of all ages, not just baseball players."

•Jim Callis - Executive Editor, Baseball America-The CD is a valuable tool for pitchers and coaches alike.  Kemnitz explains to pitchers how they can get the most out of their ability, and to coaches how they can get the most out of their pitchers.  He exhorts all pitchers to get out of their comfort zone, to aspire to be more than they currently are, and lays out a mental blueprint to achieve that goal.  The wisdom Kemnitz shares can benefit pitchers at any level.  My 12-year-old son took away lessons that helped him in Pony League play."

•Lou Pavlovich - Editor, Collegiate Baseball-"Every pitching coach and pitcher across the USA should be required to listen to this CD.  It is overflowing with valuable material on conquering the mental beast in baseball."


Brent Kemnitz

Pitching Coach, Wichita State University

38 Seasons (1978 - 2016)

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•38 Years of Coaching College Pitchers

•20 All-American Pitchers

•WSU has had 9 Pitchers picked in the 1st round of the MLB Draft

•Team ERA Leader's in NCAA in 1982 & 1991

•1989 NCAA World Series Champions

•7 College World Series Appearances

•28 NCAA Regional Tournament Appearances

•90+ Players Signed in MLB

•16 Big League Pitchers,  26 Total/Anchorage, AK 1984-1987